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¡Bienvenidos a nuestra pagina! By day we are students at Pepperdine University, but at night we moonlight as top Mexican scientists.

Meet the members of our group:

Dra. Laura Noche (Lorelle Knight), Dra. Dolores Angel (Danalit Rangel), Dra. Victoria Macarena (Vicki Mac), Dra. Pagina Campo del Sur (Paige Sutherland)

Hope for Mexico City, The Cure Has Been Found for Mutant Viral Hypertrichosis

Calvin and Hobbes, An Experiment Worthy of a Nobel Prize

Notes and Script for Myoglobin Video

This week's episode of "The Lab" Isolating and Identifying Myoglobin

Flavonoid Project Proposal

Enzyme Kinematics Lab

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