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the GaTaRuBe code

Hello, and welcome to the Top Secret Records of one of the most intense discovery teams in the world. This page contains information of the recent findings from explorers, GAbriella Smith, TAnner Heckle, RUssell Mott, and BEnjammin Barbee. Throughout the year, evidence to one of the most intriguing Laws of Nature will be revealed in our path to discovery. This law will cause textbooks around the world to be rewritten. This law will cause teachers and educators around the world to question their current beliefs. This law will answer and explain phenomena that every day people encounter every day. This law is named using the first two letters of the first name of each scientist on this team. This law IS the GaTaRuBe code.

Follow these links below to reveal our most recent discoveries:

Australia Bites Back

A Hobbesian Experiment

FINDING NEMO's myoglobin

The Effect of Competition on Flavonoid Content

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