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Ladies and Gentlemen, Pepperdine University Presents… the Milkshakers' Wikipage for Biochemistry (Chem 330) Fall 2012! The super scientists consist of Jessica Bermea, Ana Pontes, Roxy Barker and Wade Licup. Below this page are the links to each lab and their respective wiki pages. Here is a general description outlining each section of a particular lab:

  • Abstract -This is the synopsis of the lab wiki page in one paragraph. A summary of all the sections including the final data are here.
  • Introduction & Background - This section outlines the objective of the lab and some practical background and history of the lab.
  • Materials - This is a list of all the materials, instruments, and other items used for the lab
  • Approach and Procedure -This section lays out the approach done during the lab. It primarily contains the procedure enacted on that particular day (some labs can have various ways of being completed). Relevant information drawn from (pre)lab and handouts shall also be integrated here.
  • Data and Results - This section contains all the numbers, graphs, calculations, and hard work done from the lab.
  • Discussion - Potentially the longest section of the wiki pages, this section talks about a few things. It interprets the data in light of what the objective of the lab is (even “incorrect” or “off-mark” data is ok; here is where it gets discussed). This section also considers possible error in the approach and ways to improve the procedure.
  • Conclusion - This is a two-part section. First, it simply summarizes and reviews what the lab procedure was. Second, this section brings the science to the non-science majors. It translates all of the lab to why it is important to the field of science and people in general. Yeah!

Lab 1 - Protein Assay (I say...)

Lab 2 - Titration for Days

Lab 3 - "Science Major Meets Non-Science Major..." (Cell Fractionation)

Lab 4 - Bumblebee Tuna Protein Isolation feat. Mephiskapheles

Please enjoy our lab procedures!

You may wonder how we got our team name. Well, it's something like this… +

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