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Welcome to Pepperdine University Proteam's Wikipage for Biochemistry Fall 2012! Our group members are (left to right) Anushree Mahajan, Melissa Caston, Katelynn Cockrum, and Kathleen Aguilar.
Click on any of the following pages, and you will learn more about common biochemical procedures. A description of the first two pages are as follows:

  • Summary—This section does just as it’s titled! It simply gives a quick synopsis of our experiment, results, and conclusions.
  • Background—This section gives a nice introduction to the subject matter. It gives tidbits of interesting information in addition to valuable details about the key players of our lab experiments.
  • Approach—This section lays out what we did during the experiment. For the traditional scientist, it’s essentially a methods/materials section to understand what exactly went down.
  • Outcome—This section includes our results of the experiment.
  • Discussion—This section is an analysis and conclusion of our experiment. It includes the subsection called “Do’s and Don’ts” which gives suggestions and recommendations to avoid sources of error.
  • So what?—This section is the meat of our Wikipage. It underlines why these biochemistry experiments are actually significant in our everyday lives. It brings the science jargon back to layman’s terms so that the material can be relevant to anyone and everyone.

Biochemistry may be a fearful subject to some, but our user-friendly pages give a non-threatening, cool view on demystifying Biochemistry. Enjoy, have fun, and by the end of each page, you can easily become an honorary member of the Proteam!

Lab 1 Protein Assay

Lab 2 Titration and pH

Lab 3 Cell Structure and Fractionation

Lab 4 Protein Separation

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