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Synopsis 1. Standardize ~0.5M NaOH with oxalic acid dihydrate 2. Determine molarity of HOAc in vinegar with standardized NaOH 3. Calculate % mass HOAc with density of vinegar and molarity

Prepper Supplies 1. Burets, buret clamps, ring stands, 200 mL volumetric flasks, 5 - 15 mL volumetric pipets 2. Phenolphthalein, transfer pipets, 3. Oxalic acid dihydrate solid, NaOH solution,

Prepper Special Instructions:

Each lab section consumes 2 L of NaOH. Make in jug and standardize. Determine densities of vinegars

Instructor Notes/Comments

Oxalic acid dihydrate solid dissolves very slowly. 2 lab groups can split 200 mL of oxalic acid solution and have more than enough. Preparing a solution may be a new concept to them.

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