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Determination of density with volumetric glassware, demonstration of density as an intensive property, statistical analysis of density measurements

Prepper Supplies

  1. volumetric pipets of various volumes and pipet bulbs
  2. “Liquid supplied in the laboratory” = degassed Coke and Diet Coke (approx 1 L of each beverage for each lab section)

Prepper Special Instructions:

Degassing beverages takes approximately 1 day stirring in a Erlenmeyer flask, add ~10 mg of sodium azide to each 1 L of beverage to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Instructor Notes/Comments

Students develop pipeting skills with the volumetric pipette on their “team-supplied” beverage. The group does statistical analysis (mean, standard deviation) on the densities determined on their beverage. For the lab-supplied beverage where the density is unknown, students use the volumetric pipet again, determine the density, report their average density on the board, and do statistical analysis to determine the average density for the whole class.

JMF In lab lecture notes Sept 2012

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