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Synopsis Students collect the transmittance spectra of red, yellow, green, and blue food dyes in 30 nm increments across the visible region (400 -760 nm) of the electromagnetic spectrum. Student investigate the relationship between transmittance and concentration for one dye solution at one wavelength. Dye solutions of varying concentration are prepared by dilution of the stock solution with a buret and volumetric flasks.

Prepper Supplies

  1. 50 mL vol flasks, burets, cuvets, buret clamps
  2. yellow, blue, green, and red dye solutions approx 1. x 10-4 and 1 x 10-5 M (with powder FD&C dyes) in 4L cylinder containers
  3. Kim wipes
  4. Unknown concentrations (4 unknowns for each color; make approximately in beakers and determine concentrations with spec)
  5. Plastic pipettes

Prepper Special Instructions: Make two bottles of each color and at least 100 mL of each unknown

Instructor Notes/Comments

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