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Synopsis Students explore the relationships between P and V (syringe and “Events with Entry) and P and T (50 mL Erlenmeyer flask and ice-water warmed to <80 C, data collection, P and T, every 30 sec)

Prepper Supplies

Data collection apparatus: laptop with LoggerPro software, interface box, pressure sensor, and temp sensor 60 mL syringes, 800 - 1000 mL beakers, stir bars, 50 mL E-flasks

Prepper Special Instructions:

Check boxes for USB cables

Instructor Notes/Comments Lab goes pretty smoothly. Gas pressures above 220 kPa with break the pressure sensors so start syringe volume at 10 mL and compress to only 5 mL but expand as much as desired. Hot plates can melt the tubing connecting the E-flask to the pressure sensor making them unusable.

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