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Synopsis Identify the FD+C dyes (single compounds) in M+Ms and Food colorings which are mixtures of the FD+C dyes.

Prepper Supplies

  1. Chromatography paper from roll cut into pieces (dimensions 7.5 x 15 cm), 8-20 needed for each group
  2. 6 FD+C dyes, 6 colors M+Ms, 4 food colorings, toothpicks from household supplies, well plates, rulers
  3. Food coloring solutions from solid dyes
  4. Developing solution 0.1 % NaCl in H2O approx 1 L needed each lab section

Prepper Special Instructions:

Verify plenty of chromatography paper in a roll 1 week in advance, Cut paper into strips

Instructor Notes/Comments Each student notebook and the lab report needs a set of the chromatography data. This can be done by analyzing the same sample in multiple trials or 1 trial and pictures/scans of that one data set with color printing to the lab report and student notebooks. Student papers are dried in a 85 deg C oven. Calculate the retention factor (Rf) for each spot and compare Rf values for FD+C dyes to those spots observed for M+Ms and food colorings.

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