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Synopsis This lab consumes the largest amount of supplies and chemicals for the whole semester.

Prepper Supplies

60-mL syringes, caps, filters, tubing, cigarettes (20 per lab section)

1 box of syringes holds 40 (Fisher scientific part # —)

1 box of filter disks holds 50 (Fisher scientific part # —-)

1 pack of cigarettes holds 20

Do a rough count of these supplies 1 week before lab begins

Prepper Special Instructions: Approx 1.5 L of indicator solution required for each lab section. The indicator solution needs to be made throughout the week.

10L indicator solution made in 500mL volumetric flasks (or 1L flask and double all quantities)

1) 70mL glacial acetic acid and 2.5 g sulfanilic acid

2) Fill to 2/3 w/ nanopure H2O from Dr. Green's lab

3) Stir for 30min

4) Fill to line w/ nanopure H2O

5) Wrap in foil then add 0.01 g 1-naphthyl ethylene diamine hydrochloride (weigh on weigh paper).

6) Wrap stopper with parafilm and store in stock room fridge

Make 5L the week before and 7.5L mid-week (1.5 L needed per lab section)

This is among the most labor intensive labs of the semester. The indicator solution takes approx 30 min to prepare each 0.5 L batch, should be stored in foil, and in the stockroom fridge. Approx 1.5 L required for each lab section.

Sodium Nitrite Solution:

1) Solution #1 ~0.09 g NaNO2 dissolved and diluted to 200 mL in a volumetric flask with nanopure water from Dr. Green's lab

2) Dilute 1 mL of solution #1 to to 500 mL in a volumetric flask with nanopure water (make two of these

3) Report concentration in micrograms/mL

Instructor Notes/Comments

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